Manly Fast Ferry

Fast Ferry Services between
Manly and Circular Quay since 2009

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Company Values

Our values drive the experiences of what we do at work and how we do things. 

Our values energise, motivate and help us move to action. When we care about something with feeling or passion, when we truly value it, we can clear the clutter and move through our lives with greater meaning and purpose.

Clarity about values provides the underlying foundation for the way we work together. Our values represent the spirit and essence of our culture. They help establish what is important in our communication and relationships with our employees, Members and suppliers.


At the core of our values lies humility, a trait that guides our actions. We consistently place others before ourselves, with an unwavering commitment to prioritizing the needs of our customers. Listening attentively, we engage with empathy, demonstrating genuine care and unwavering respect in all that we do.


We possess the courage to challenge the status quo, unafraid to voice our opinions when we believe there is a better approach. By fostering an environment of innovation, we encourage the exploration of uncharted territories, fearlessly embarking on new endeavors without hesitation or reservation.


We’re proactive, optimistic and we always strive for better. Our passion fuels our dedication to the work we do, driving us to go above and beyond. We care about our Members, we’re proud of our heritage and we know the work we do really matters.


We firmly believe in taking  ownership of our actions and decisions and the experience we provide to our valued members and customers. We work side by side to find solutions to our customers’ needs – and if we don’t get it right, we own it, learn from it and take responsibility for fixing it.

Management Plans

Environmental Plan

MFF-004-REV01-Environmental-Plan, 740KB

Manly Fast Ferry is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner. The purpose of this Environmental Management Plan (EMP) is to: a) Describe the process for the identification and management of environmental hazards and risks; b) Describe the reporting framework for environmental incidents; c) Describe the framework by to ensure compliance with operational and environmental standards. This EMP applies to on-shore and on water operational activities related to Manly Fast Ferry (MFF). MFF operates vessels within Sydney Harbor. 

Sustainability Plan

MFF-014-REV01-Operator-Sustainability-Plan-Commercial-Redaction, 754KB

This Operator Sustainability Plan has been developed in alignment with the agreed contractual arrangements between Manly Fast Ferry (MFF) and TfNSW outlined in Schedule 16 – Environmental requirements of the Manly Ferry Service Contract. MFF is part of The NRMA – as a member-based organisation of more than 2.7 million members. The NRMA is committed to reducing our greenhouse gas emissions across our operations and supply chain, as well as supporting broader community decarbonisation through our advocacy, our electric vehicle charging network, and our NSW-first investments in low-carbon marine transport.

Accessible Transport Action Plan

MFF-003-REV002-Accessible-Transport-Action-Plan, 483KB

This Accessible Transport Action Plan outlines MFF’s current commitment to continuously improving inclusive access to transport services. It demonstrates the current service accessibility and specific improvement actions in place to promote inclusive access for all, and achieve the objects in the Disability Inclusion Act 2014 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1992.

Customer Experience Plan

MFF-005-REV002-Customer-Experience-Plan, 405KB

This Customer Experience Plan is intended to outline the operator’s approach to customer experience development, implementation, measurement and review. Manly Fast Ferry (MFF) strives to deliver an industry-leading safe, accessible, reliable and friendly customer experience for residents and visitors alike, regardless of their purpose of travel. At the heart of our approach is listening to our customers and providing speedy and appropriate responses to feedback or customers notify us of lost property.

We acknowledge the land on which we gather, from places as widespread and diverse as the NRMA. In the presence of Elders past, present and future, we recognise all journeys and our mutual role in creating new paths together.